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Quiksilver Rossignol集团使用CenterStone网上订购软件

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  CenterStone科技有限公司是一家电子商务软件制造商,近日公布Quiksilver ROSSIGNOL集团使用该公司的iVendix软件。iVendix给Quiksilver的经销商和零售代表提供网上订购服务。经销商和销售代表在网上通过iVendix软件就可以检索目录,搜索产品,下订单和查看订单的进展情况。

  Quiksilver Rossignol集团客服部经理Peter Leffler说,“很多零售商,销售商和户外的专业人士都使用CenterStone的‘B2B电子商务解决方案’。为了给客户提供优质的服务,我们的品牌包括Rossignol, Dynastar, Lange, Mervin Manufacturing和Roxy需要一个行之有效的订购方案。CenterStone的iVendix软件已经成为‘企业和企业网上订购解决方案’。10,000多名用户使用此软件,在网上方便地进行订购业务,我想iVendix软件会得到我们客户的亲睐。”

  CenterStone的CEO Tom Detmer说,“Quiksilver Rossignol集团已经使用了iVendix软件。CenterStone开始为Rossignol, Dynastar, 和Roxy提供08年和09年的产品网上订购服务,意味者这些品牌会盈利并为以后的发展打下了良好的基础。根据以往和其他品牌的成功合作,我相信CenterStone会对Quiksilver的业务有所帮助。”

  CenterStone软件给品牌商和零售商提供了一个平台,目前使用CenterStone软件的客户有:The North FaceJanSportVansReef 和 VF Imagewear,VF Corporation (纽约证券交易所:VF); Pearl Izumi; Marmot Mountain, Ex Officio和 Marker Apparel,乔丹(纽约证券交易所: JAH); Under Armour (纽约证券交易所: UA); helly hansen; Perry Ellis Intl. (纳斯达克-美洲交易所市场集团: PERY); Geneva Watch Group; Cleveland Golf和Fidra Golf; SmartWooltimberland (纽约证券交易所: TBL); RipCurl; Billabong; Sport Obermeyer; Smith Optics; KHS Bicycles; Dale of Norway; O‘Neill Clothing; Hot Chillys; Petzl; Sole Technology; Icebreaker; Four Star Distribution (C1RCA); Buck Knives; Fresh Produce Sportswear; Yakima Products; patagonia Europe; 180s, The Orvis Company, Life is good®等等.




  原文:The Quiksilver Rossignol Group Selects CenterStone's iVendix

  www.outdoorindustry.org www.8264.net 03/25/2008 21:21

  Park City, Utah and Denver, Colo, March 25th, 2008 - CenterStone Technologies, Inc., an international developer of Web-based B2B e-commerce software for manufacturers selling through specialty retail channels, today announced that The Quiksilver Rossignol Group is now "live" on the company's iVendix software appliCATion. iVendix provides The Quiksilver Rossignol Group with a business-to-business (B2B) on-line ordering solution for their retail dealers and sales reps. Dealers and sales reps are now able to view aUTOmated catalogs, check on the availability of product, place orders, and track and monitor the status of those orders using iVendix because it is accessible 24/7 via the Web.

  "CenterStone provides a world-wide B2B e-commerce solution that is being used by thousands of specialty retailers, sales reps and industry professionals in the snowsports and outdoor recreation industries," said Peter Leffler, director of Customer Relations at The Quiksilver Rossignol Group. "In order to continue to provide a superior level of customer service in today's business environment we felt that our Mountain Center brands-including Rossignol, Dynastar, Lange, Mervin Manufacturing and Roxy-needed a proven solution that would be quickly adopted by users, and CenterStone's iVendix solution has rapidly become the industry standard for B2B. With more than 10,000 users of their Web-based application, we are confident that our customers will also be quick to embrace CenterStone's iVendix solution. Our customers will be able to conduct business with all our brands, see product availability and place orders 24/7, at their convenience. Having the best products has always been an important tradition at The Quiksilver Rossignol Group, but being easy to do business with will also help us continue to set our brands apart. By adopting iVendix, with this new B2B solution, The Quiksilver Rossignol Group expects to take a leadership role by setting a new standard for customer service for hard goods and apparel in the snow sports industry."

  "The Quiksilver Rossignol Group is now 'live' on iVendix, and CenterStone is already processing pre-season orders for Rossignol, Dynastar, Roxy and their other brands for the '08-'09 season, which means that these brands are already getting a head start on their profitability for next season," said Tom Detmer, CEO of CenterStone Technologies. "The Quiksilver Rossignol Group has many sought-after brands for a large percentage of specialty retailers that currently use our B2B solution, so CenterStone's dealer community is very pleased that they selected iVendix for their B2B e-commerce needs. iVendix delivers an extensive user community in the snow sports industry that is continuing to grow at a very rapid pace. And, it is the adoption rate by this user community that will drive the ROI for The Quiksilver Rossignol Group. Based upon our sUCCess with other leading consumer brands that sell through specialty retail, we have no doubt that CenterStone will contribute to the ongoing growth and success of The Quiksilver Rossignol Group," Detmer added.

  Brands that currently use CenterStone's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and that make the company's other solutions available to retail customers and sales reps include: The North Face, JanSport, Vans, Reef and VF Imagewear, part of VF Corporation (NYSE: VFC); Pearl Izumi; Marmot Mountain, Ex Officio and Marker Apparel, brands of Jarden Corporation (NYSE: JAH); Under Armour (NYSE: UA); Helly Hansen; Perry Ellis Intl. (NASDAQ: PERY); Geneva Watch Group; Cleveland Golf and Fidra Golf; SmartWool, a division of Timberland (NYSE: TBL); RipCurl; Billabong; Sport Obermeyer; Smith Optics; KHS Bicycles; Dale of Norway; O'Neill Clothing; Hot Chillys; Petzl; Sole Technology; Icebreaker; Four Star Distribution (C1RCA); Buck Knives; Fresh Produce Sportswear; Yakima Products; Patagonia Europe; 180s, The Orvis Company, Life is good? and others.

  About CenterStone Technologies, Inc.

  CenterStone Technologies, Inc. operates a multi-tenant, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and provides Web-based sales order management applications in six languages and local currencies in North America and Europe with widespread adoption by specialty retailers and sales reps. CenterStone's e-commerce solutions processed more than $1.2 billion USD in wholesale transactions in 2007

  CenterStone makes vendors more competitive by driving revenue growth, providing increased inventory turns at retail, reduced customer service costs, and greater speed to market, thus improving relationships with their customers-retail dealers. Additional information about CenterStone Technologies, Inc., based in Denver, Colo., with offices in San Diego, Calif., and Paris, France, can be found on the company's Web site at www.centerstonetech.com. Editor's Note: Product and company names mentioned heREIn may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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